When Kingdoms Collide

Date: December 8, 2013

Series: Emmanuel

Message: When Kingdoms Collide

Luke 2:1-20


At the time of Jesus birth the world was ruled by the Roman Empire.  An empire built on power, control and wealth.  An empire that sought to bring peace by killing lots of people.  If you would bow your knee to Caesar, things were fine, but to stand in opposition threatened the very way of life for the rich and powerful.  This refrain would echo throughout the empire, “Caesar is Lord.”  So it should come as no surprise, this “good news of great joy,” was not great news for everyone.  It was an announcement of a new Lord, whose kingdom and reign would stand in direct opposition to the Empire Caesar had built.  One kingdom built on oppressing people, the other on setting them free.  One kingdom built on crushing people, the other built on loving them.  One kingdom built on killing people the other built on dying for them.