Risk Everything

Series: New Thru 30
Message: Risk Everything
Ephesians 3:14-21

Most of the time our prayers are simple.  God take care of me.  God take care of my friends.  God be with those less fortunate.  Honestly, a lot of times it looks like a to-do-list.  But at the heart of Paul’s ministry was the prominence of prayer and the centrality of the gospel was so evident in his prayer life.  Specifically, in this section, Paul in prison is praying for others.  He is praying for unity in the church, that the Gentile believers and the Jewish believers would be one.  His prayer is for the young believers to not only know the gospel but to experience it’s life changing power.  What if for the next week, we prayed this prayer every day for ourselves and those close to us?  For Paul, it was not simply magic words, in which God would work.  Many times we ask God to do the work we are unwilling to do.  What if this week we simply accepted God’s invitation to be a part of His story and to join him where he was already at work. 

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