Give Me Jesus

September 22, 2013

Series: Life, Light, Love
Message: Give Me Jesus
1 John 2:18-27

We remain in the midst of the present dark age and awaiting the “age to come” when Christ will return and make things right.  For the church in Ephesus there were constant and consistent voices trying to lead the church in wrong directions, some even who began as a part of that body.  The anti-Christ John refers to is not a specific person but more an idea.  Those who followed Christ had received the anointing from Him.  The antichrist then is the one who denies Jesus is the Christ, but even more so stands in opposition to the will of God.  This one is the anti-anointed one.  John urges the church in Ephesus to hold on to what they know in the midst of all the voices trying to convince them they have a secret source of knowledge or known the true messiah.  I think it is obvious the relevance for us today in our culture.  A culture with so many voices shouting they have the truth, they know the way.

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