Series: Follow
Message: Followwear
John 13:31-38

March 2, 2014

You can tell who people follow by what they wear.  Go to a college football game.  Walk around the mall and observe teenagers.  What we wear tells people who we follow. So, what does a follower of Jesus wear?  Probably lots of things, from blue jeans and tshirts to a 3 piece suit, yet it is not the one thing Jesus points to that sets them apart. What sets them apart is the devotion to what he calls a new command.  While it is not really a new command because in Deuteronomy 6 and Leviticus 19:18 we see the command.  What is new then?  The depth and type of love, a love that mirrors the perfect love of Christ.  It is when we learn to put on this form of love that we are set apart.  We are followers.  We are disciples.  

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