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A Heart of Trust

Life Together

November 11, 2013

Series: Light & Love

Message: Life Together

1 John 5:13-21


It seems that at the core of this letter is not just the incredibly high value of loving one another, but even more so “to do life together”.  At times we look at this command to love one another as something we have to do rather than something we get to do.  For this community there was a cost to confessing Christ, the cost could very well be your life.  So these first Christians stuck together, not just so they could have a warm fuzzy feeling and sing Kumbaya but they stuck with each other because there life depended on it.  There was a battle going on and they were right in the midst of it.


November 3, 2013

Series: Light & Love

Message: Redemption

1 John 5:1-12


Do you know Jesus, or do you simply know about Jesus?  And there is a difference.  For the one who knows Him there is this assurance, you have overcome the world, because He has overcome the world.  He has won the victory.  So to the one who belongs to Christ has been given life through Him.  There are 3 that testify, the Spirit, the water and the blood.  The 3 testified that Jesus is God’s Son and the 3 testify to our life in Christ.


Date: October 20, 2013

Series: Life, Light, Love

Message: Greater

1 John 3:19-4:6

If we truly know Him, it is revealed in the way we love others around us, most importantly our brothers and sisters in Christ.  As we abide in Him and seek Him, a transformation happens, not an outward transformation but an inward transformation.  He takes our flawed and imperfect heart, begins to shape and form it in the image of His heart.  As this transformation takes place our desires begin to change.  The things we ask and long for begin to change and the desires of our heart begin to align with His desires.  In this transformation we discover something so profound, God is greater than our hearts.  The greatness and love of God can transform our weak, selfish and contrite hearts.  Then it hits us, the one who is in us is greater than the one in the world.  It is only a love that runs as deep as the love of Christ that has the power to stand in the presence of the evil of this world.  

Love Does

Date: October 13, 2013

Series: Light & Love

Message: Love Does

1 John 3:11-20

Synopsis: Here John is addressing the importance of loving those inside the community.  Now of course we are also to love our neighbor and even our enemy.  John goes as far as to say the one who fails to love their brother or sister is joined at the hip with Cain, who out of jealousy killed his brother.  John goes on to say that we know no murderer has eternal life.  Is that possible?  Failing to love brothers and sisters puts us on the outside of the kingdom looking in?  But know this…  the love John speaks of is lived out with actions and not merely words and it will cost you because love is costly.  It cost God his son, it cost Jesus his life and it will cost you.  


October 6, 2013

Series: Life, Light, Love
Message: Pure
1 John 2:28-3:10

When I was transitioning from High School into college my dad took a second job.  Looking back I don’t think I had a great appreciation for what he was doing for me.  Now having kids of my own I understand how great his love for me was in doing what he did.  As parents you have approximately 936 weeks from birth to graduation.  936 weeks to model Jesus for them and it is far and away the most important example of Christ love they will see.

Give Me Jesus

September 22, 2013

Series: Life, Light, Love
Message: Give Me Jesus
1 John 2:18-27

We remain in the midst of the present dark age and awaiting the “age to come” when Christ will return and make things right.  For the church in Ephesus there were constant and consistent voices trying to lead the church in wrong directions, some even who began as a part of that body.  The anti-Christ John refers to is not a specific person but more an idea.  Those who followed Christ had received the anointing from Him.  The antichrist then is the one who denies Jesus is the Christ, but even more so stands in opposition to the will of God.  This one is the anti-anointed one.  John urges the church in Ephesus to hold on to what they know in the midst of all the voices trying to convince them they have a secret source of knowledge or known the true messiah.  I think it is obvious the relevance for us today in our culture.  A culture with so many voices shouting they have the truth, they know the way.
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