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Leaving the Table

December 1, 2013

Series: The Table

Message: Leaving the Table

Exodus 17


We live in a culture where eating is king.  We all like to eat the food but what about serve the food, prepare the food, clean up after the meal.  If we're honest most of us would rather move to the couch and wait until the next meal.  The same thing is true in so many churches, we love to be fed, but really don't want to be challenged to move. We opt for the safety and security of what we know rather than the unknown that comes when we truly follow Jesus.

Greener Pastures

November 24, 2013

Series: The Table

Message: Greener Pastures

Exodus 15 & 16


In the flow of the narrative of the Exodus, Moses by God’s hand leads the people out of captivity through the Red Sea and into the desert.  God has provided and celebration ensues.  The celebration is short lived and the doubts and complaints begin again.  For most of us we don’t question whether or not God will provide, we simply question the way he does provide.  We receive approximately 3,000 negative messages a day.  Messages telling us we are not good enough and what we have is not good enough.  Sooner or later it is pretty easy to start believing those messages.  The truth of the matter, God will provide, the question is whether or not we will be grateful for the way He provides.

A Seat At The Table

November 17, 2013

Series: The Table

Message: A Seat at the Table

Key Text: Exodus 12-14


The table, it has been a part of the community of God’s people for centuries.  People would and still do sit around the table to eat, to drink, to share in one another's company, to remember, to reflect, to celebrate.  The first feast we see in scripture is the Passover.  As God was leading His people out of 400 years of bondage in Egypt they ate a meal together the Passover.  It was a meal that was to be eaten every year as a reminder of the goodness of the Lord.  During that night God would pass through the city killing every first born unless the blood of the lamb was on the doorframe of the house.  It the blood covered the frame then the angel would passover the house, sparing the life of the first born.  Think about it, all they had to sustain them through the night was the hope that the blood of the lamb would spare their life.  It is the same hope we celebrate each week.  Each week we gather around the table and we share the wine and the bread. Still do sit around the table to eat, to drink, to share in one anothers company, to remember, to reflect, to celebrate.  We have been invited to have a seat at the table.

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