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The Art of Brick Making

Date: December 29, 2013

Message: The Art of Brick Making

Exodus 5

While this message is really focused around family, there is so much truth here for believers at all stages of life.  We live in a world that demands and pulls our attention in so many different directions.  In Egypt, the Israelites were slaves, slaves with the tasks of making bricks.  We say it is so great to be an America and it is.  But what if we have created for our self the same environment they worked in while in Egypt.  There is a tension between work and family.  A tension between work and my relationship with God, that if we don’t learn to manage properly, will enslave us.  In that slavery, the thing that will suffer the most is our family.  

Understand, this is not about looking back and seeing all the places we have messed up and feeling discouraged.  You can’t change your past but you can affect your future.  Ultimately, it all boils down to this, “Focus on your own family.”

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