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The Heart of the Matter

Series: Soul Sessions

Message: The Heart of the Matter
We see this pattern play out time in time again through the story of Israel, Disobedience, Disaster, Deliverance.  It is fascinating how often we encounter the same pattern in our life.  It is the same pattern that leads Israel to a King and the pattern that leads the first king to fail.   


Series: Finding Life
Message: Sacrifice

One of the most pressing and prevalent questions of our day is one of the same questions people struggled to answer during Jesus day.  It is a question you must answer for yourself.  Is Jesus who He claims to be.  There are many that promise life, many who promise salvation yet Jesus claims that life and salvation are in Him alone.  

Identity Amnesia

Series: Finding Life

Message: Identity Amnesia
One of the first encounters we have with Jacob in scripture he is pretending to be someone he is not.  He buys into the lie and tries to live up to others expectations of him.  It is a trap so easy to fall into.  In fact, so easy that we seem to continually do it ourselves.  Maybe it is in Jacob I see me.

Undeniable Love

Series: Finding Life

Message: Undeniable Love
Maybe one of the most powerful pictures we have in our society of love is that of a mother’s love for their children.  We see it in the constant selfless and sacrificial life they live.  In fact it could be one of the closest pictures of Christ love for us.  Ultimately, love says YOU not Me.

Forgiveness Unleashed

Series: Finding Life

Message: Forgiveness Unleashed
One of the most difficult things we must learn to do as followers of Jesus is to forgive others.  But it is a choice, it is a decision, it is a door.  It doesn’t come easy, it is hard, especially when we feel like someone owes us something.  Failure to forgive is us disobeying God.  When we don’t forgive we hold on to that anger and won’t let it go and we become ugly inside.  And over time that disease spreads to our hearts. So forgiveness in the end is all about setting the captive free.  However, what you will find is the captive you have set free is you.

Hope Is Rising

Series: Finding Life

Message: Hope is Rising
Choices, we face them everyday.  Wear the blue shirt or the green shirt?  Of course some of them are a little bigger.  Eat junk food or go with the salad.  And then some alter our life for ever.  Do I say, “I do?”  And over time the choices continue to build up, but so do the consequences and rewards of those choices.  So what do you do with the wrong choices? 


Series: Imagine
Message: Partnership
As a follower of Jesus we have a new identity, an identity in Christ.  As partners with Shiloh Road, we are asking you to join with us, to partner with Shiloh Road.  These commitments as a worshiper, family, learner and missionary are essential for the life and vitality of Shiloh for each individual, as well as Shiloh as a family.  Partnering with Shiloh does not mean you have gotten all these down perfectly, but rather that you are growing as you navigate this journey of faith.  

Life Lived On Pupose

As a follower of Jesus we have a new identity, an identity in Christ.  As partners with Shiloh Road, we are asking you to join with us, to partner with us on the journey to make Jesus KNOWN. To partner means to embrace the values of Shiloh Road.  To worship Christ, live in community, get trained for ministry, and make disciples.  To do this we have identified several markers for all of us on the journey.  The markers can help us on an individual level and corporate level to gauge the pulse of our relationship with Christ.  We want to live life on purpose.  


Series: Imagine
Message: Remember
Deuteronomy 8

As we move forward it is so important that we begin by looking back.  Throughout the years God has been so faithful to Shiloh Road and if we are not careful, it is easy to forget.  It is easy to point to all “we” have done right, rather than point to God who has sustained us through good times and bad.  Shiloh Road has a rich history that began with the faith and courage of several leaders.  The impact of their decision is still felt today.  We celebrate what God has done for this church and through this church, as we look into the future trusting that God will continue in His faithfulness.

Open Waters

Series: Follow
Message: Open Waters
Matthew 14:22-33

It is a story we know so well.  It is dark, there is the wind, the waves, the lighting and then, seemingly out of nowhere comes Jesus.  Walking out to his disciples on the water.  There is fear and terror, there are questions.  Yet through the noise we hear a voice speak and say, I AM. Don’t be afraid.  Then in bold Peter like fashion, Peter speaks, Lord tell me to come to you on the water.  Jesus calls and Peter steps out.  It is there Peter hears the voice of Jesus and follows Him into the unknown.  It is faith and it is what Jesus has called his followers to display for the world around them.  Ultimately, it is what WE DO for Christ that is evidence of our faith, NOT what WE THINK WE SHOULD.

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