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Series: Imagine
Message: Remember
Deuteronomy 8

As we move forward it is so important that we begin by looking back.  Throughout the years God has been so faithful to Shiloh Road and if we are not careful, it is easy to forget.  It is easy to point to all “we” have done right, rather than point to God who has sustained us through good times and bad.  Shiloh Road has a rich history that began with the faith and courage of several leaders.  The impact of their decision is still felt today.  We celebrate what God has done for this church and through this church, as we look into the future trusting that God will continue in His faithfulness.

Open Waters

Series: Follow
Message: Open Waters
Matthew 14:22-33

It is a story we know so well.  It is dark, there is the wind, the waves, the lighting and then, seemingly out of nowhere comes Jesus.  Walking out to his disciples on the water.  There is fear and terror, there are questions.  Yet through the noise we hear a voice speak and say, I AM. Don’t be afraid.  Then in bold Peter like fashion, Peter speaks, Lord tell me to come to you on the water.  Jesus calls and Peter steps out.  It is there Peter hears the voice of Jesus and follows Him into the unknown.  It is faith and it is what Jesus has called his followers to display for the world around them.  Ultimately, it is what WE DO for Christ that is evidence of our faith, NOT what WE THINK WE SHOULD.

This Is Better

Series: Follow

Message: This Is Better
John 14-16
Growing up I never heard much about the Holy Spirit and his work in our life.  We were always good to talk about the Father and the Son, but what about the Spirit?  Jesus is preparing his followers for life without him.  He keeps telling them he is going away and they cannot follow him to where he is going.  All confusing for these people who had been following Him everywhere.  Then he tells them, He is the vine and that if they do not remain in Him they can do nothing.  So I am sure the question is, if you are leaving how do we remain in you.  If you continue to obey my commands, you are still following me and if you are still following me, I will send you a helper, a counselor the Holy Spirit. The purpose of the Spirit in our life is to bring glory to God and build the church.


Series: Follow
Message: Followwear
John 13:31-38

March 2, 2014

You can tell who people follow by what they wear.  Go to a college football game.  Walk around the mall and observe teenagers.  What we wear tells people who we follow. So, what does a follower of Jesus wear?  Probably lots of things, from blue jeans and tshirts to a 3 piece suit, yet it is not the one thing Jesus points to that sets them apart. What sets them apart is the devotion to what he calls a new command.  While it is not really a new command because in Deuteronomy 6 and Leviticus 19:18 we see the command.  What is new then?  The depth and type of love, a love that mirrors the perfect love of Christ.  It is when we learn to put on this form of love that we are set apart.  We are followers.  We are disciples.  

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