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Fine Print

Series: Follow
Message: Fine Print
Mark 8:31-38

Jesus comes along and begins inviting people, “Follow me.”  It is the same invitation he has given to us.  But why is it so hard?  And to make it even more difficult it is as if Jesus comes along and says, by the way, you need to see the fine print.  This is not just about following me, it is about becoming like me.  To do that is going to cost you.


Series: Follow
Message: Backwards
Luke 5:1-11

At times it seems like we have it backwards.  The Pharisees struggled with the same thing.  The Pharisees said, change and you can join us.  Jesus comes along and says, join us and you will change.  Many times we allow the same attitude to infiltrate the church.  Jesus invitation to us all is not get your life right and then follow me, but follow me and your life will be transformed.

Ground Rules

Series: Follow

Message: Ground Rules

Matthew 9:9-13


We are kicking off a new series called “follow.”  It was one simple term Jesus asked of his first followers.  Have you ever stop to think, “really, why are they leaving everything to follow him?”  Is there something else happening in this story below the surface that we don’t realize?  We are going to look at the 1st century world of a Rabbi and disciple.  What did it mean 2,000 years ago and what does it mean for us today?  


Series: New Thru 30
Message: Imagine

Many times we look at scripture and narrow in on very specific passages.  What happens when you step back and look at the bigger picture? It is fascinating John begins numbering the miraculous signs performed by Jesus (John 2:11 & 4:54).  But then he stops, almost as if he is urging the reader to keep counting.  Healing at the pool (3), Feeding the 5,000 (4), Walking on water (5), healing a blind man (6) and raising Lazarus from the dead (7).  Then the signs stop.  So what is John trying to convey?  If each sign represented a day, the last day, the 7th day, would be the most significant sign, raising someone from the dead.  Then suddenly the signs stop and the story dramatically slows down, focusing in on the last week of Jesus life.  Then chapter after chapter with no more signs, then in chapter 20 we see another sign, a bigger sign, the tomb is empty and Jesus has been raised to life.  Jesus raising from the dead is the 8th sign and the 8th day would actually be the first day of a new week.  Today new life begins.  Today is a new day, it is a day when the miraculous intersects with the ordinary.  It is a new day where heaven and earth intersect, it is a new day we are invited to be a part of…  Today is a day to dream, a day to imagine!

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