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The Art of Brick Making

Date: December 29, 2013

Message: The Art of Brick Making

Exodus 5

While this message is really focused around family, there is so much truth here for believers at all stages of life.  We live in a world that demands and pulls our attention in so many different directions.  In Egypt, the Israelites were slaves, slaves with the tasks of making bricks.  We say it is so great to be an America and it is.  But what if we have created for our self the same environment they worked in while in Egypt.  There is a tension between work and family.  A tension between work and my relationship with God, that if we don’t learn to manage properly, will enslave us.  In that slavery, the thing that will suffer the most is our family.  

Understand, this is not about looking back and seeing all the places we have messed up and feeling discouraged.  You can’t change your past but you can affect your future.  Ultimately, it all boils down to this, “Focus on your own family.”


Date: December 22, 2013

Series: Emmanuel

Message: Waiting

Luke 1


Says let’s spend some time talking about how the world really is.  And for many Christmas is a time of great joy but for others it is a time of pain and hurt.  It seems like at times the kingdoms of Caesar and Herod will always prevail.  Ultimately, the question we all want to ask is “why.”  God where are you?  God if you are so good, the why?  Why suffering?  Why Famine?  Why?  There is a sense of despair.  The Christmas story centers around a time of waiting.  For thousands of years people had waited for the Messiah, they had waited for a Savior.

When Kingdoms Collide - Pt 2

Date: December 15, 2013

Series: Emmanuel

Message: When Kingdoms Collide - Pt. 2

Matthew 2:1-12


Last week Luke asked the question, who’s your Lord?  This week Matthew asks who’s your king?  King Herod’s life was remarkable.  Some historians believe he may have been the richest person ever to live.  Everything built was amazing, from his cities, to his stadiums, to palaces and even the 2nd Temple.  Everything Herod did was extravagant and he would stop at nothing to get what he wanted.  Herod killed 2 of his sons because he thought they were trying to steal his throne.  He killed one of his wives, a mother in law and several relatives. For those who were a part of Herod’s world, they had wealth and power and security, they had it all.  However, for Jews living in Judea life was not so great.  Many believe that during the 1st century Jews were taxed somewhere between 75% and 90% of their total income.  They paid taxes to support the Roman Empire and to support Herods lavish lifestyle.  There were the haves and the have nots.  And the haves lived in complete indifference to those the Empire squashed.  So it is no wonder when Magi show up with an announcement there is a new king, that all of Jerusalem was disturbed.  The two kingdoms stood in opposition.  

When Kingdoms Collide

Date: December 8, 2013

Series: Emmanuel

Message: When Kingdoms Collide

Luke 2:1-20


At the time of Jesus birth the world was ruled by the Roman Empire.  An empire built on power, control and wealth.  An empire that sought to bring peace by killing lots of people.  If you would bow your knee to Caesar, things were fine, but to stand in opposition threatened the very way of life for the rich and powerful.  This refrain would echo throughout the empire, “Caesar is Lord.”  So it should come as no surprise, this “good news of great joy,” was not great news for everyone.  It was an announcement of a new Lord, whose kingdom and reign would stand in direct opposition to the Empire Caesar had built.  One kingdom built on oppressing people, the other on setting them free.  One kingdom built on crushing people, the other built on loving them.  One kingdom built on killing people the other built on dying for them.

Leaving the Table

December 1, 2013

Series: The Table

Message: Leaving the Table

Exodus 17


We live in a culture where eating is king.  We all like to eat the food but what about serve the food, prepare the food, clean up after the meal.  If we're honest most of us would rather move to the couch and wait until the next meal.  The same thing is true in so many churches, we love to be fed, but really don't want to be challenged to move. We opt for the safety and security of what we know rather than the unknown that comes when we truly follow Jesus.

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